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Have you been fired due to your work injury and claim?

You may have a claim for retaliation. In Kansas, the tort of retaliatory discharge exists when a person has been fired for filing or reporting a work injury or pursuing that claim. Thus, if you return from a work injury and find you do not have a job, and you feel the only reason for losing your job is that you reported the claim, you may have a claim in the district court for related damages caused by being terminated.

You can collect damages for being fired in retaliation for your claim.

Many employers think they are immune from damages and can fire employees because Kansas is an employee at will state. However, exceptions exist to the employee at will doctrine. One exception is retaliation for work injuries. An injured worker who is fired solely for reporting an injury or pursuing that injury can collect damages in civil court. Damages include lost wages, lost future wages, and related emotional duress from being fired. In certain circumstances, punitive damages may apply.

Our office will evaluate any claim within the State of Kansas

We represent people anywhere in the state. If you have been terminated in an area where it is difficult to get representation, we will evaluate your case on its merits, not the location.

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