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Worker's Compensation Cases

Are your Workers Compensation Benefits being denied for reasons you do not agree?

You have rights to contest denials. You also have rights to contest decisions made by the work comp carrier you disagree with on your case. In Kansas, if you claim is being denied, you have the right to go to court and ask an Administrative Law Judge to review the denied claim or benefit. You have the right to submit evidence, present legal argument, and ask that your benefits be approved.

Are you not happy with the medical treatment being provided?

You also have the right to get a second opinion which the work comp provider must pay for up to $500 related to what treatment you need. This second opinion can be presented to the Administrative Law Judge who can review the second opinion. If the judge determines that a form of treatment is not being provided the Court can address that issue by sending the injured worker to a neutral doctor who is not bound by the control of the work comp provider.

The judge can also order a list of providers for the injured worker to see if it is determined that treatment is not satisfactory. The work comp provider will try to limit your treatment simply for the sole motivation of controlling costs. Our office will try to get the injured worker we represent all the medical treatment they want and that the Judge will allow on a case.

Are you trying to settle your case?

Most claims are entitled to some form of settlement. However, changes in the law, such as the "prevailing factor standard" make getting a settlement much more difficult. Work comp providers take advantage of the law and try to limit your claim both to control costs in treatment and in settlement. We think the injured workers should get all the compensation both in treatment and in disability settlements.

Our office can assist in getting a substantially higher settlement. We do so by getting medical opinions from doctors that actually rate all the parameters of the injury. We do so by making sure all issues of your injury are addressed and rated for disability. We also will look at the concept of "work disability" which is often ignored by the work comp carrier but could result in substantial settlements if the worker has suffered permanent wage loss cause by their injury.

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